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Archive for October, 2010

Oct '10

San Francisco, CA

I can’t decide whether I’m happy to be heading home or not.  I’m not despondent about leaving Helsinki (I can’t afford to stay here any longer!) but if I were moving on to somewhere cheaper that would be ok. Carolyn came over to the hotel for breakfast and to walk me to the bus.  I’m […]

Oct '10

Helsinki, Finland, Final Day

It’s the last day of my trip, hard to believe tomorrow I’ll be on a plane heading back to San Francisco. I started walking and made my way to the Temppeliaukio Kirkko (aka the Rock Church), a church built entirely underground.  The church is built into granite rock, it’s circular and the walls are all […]

Oct '10

Helsinki, Finland, Day 2

Carolyn and I had arranged to meet at 10:00 outside Ben and Jerry’s (it’s easy to spot, we’re not having milkshakes for breakfast, although that doesn’t sound all that bad).  I got there a bit early so I went to a little stand for a hot chocolate.  It was good but not worth 5 Euros.  […]

Oct '10

Helsinki, Finland

Turns out Carolyn and I had, before coming on this trip, booked the same ferry on the same day at the same time to the same place so our adventure is not over yet.  Helsinki here we come! The Ferry was huge, it felt like a cruise ship but thankfully this time I didn’t come […]

Oct '10

Tallinn, Estonia

I can’t believe the trip is winding down.  Today we’re heading back to Tallinn for our final night.  And some final shopping.  It was so foggy when I woke up that for a minute I thought I was in San Francisco.  As we drove to the ferry it was still foggy and at times we […]

Oct '10

Saaremaa Island, Estonia, Day 2

I feel a little better this morning but I’m not 100% by any stretch.  To that end, as we were getting on the bus I saw something fall to the ground in front of Carolyn and stopped her saying “wait, something fell off your face.”  Not “your earring fell off” but “something fell off your […]