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Archive for September, 2011

Sep '11

Skeleton Coast

We’re being rebels and going “off” the itinerary so that we can see part of the Skeleton Coast.  This is great, it was one of the things I really wanted to see.  Before we arrive at the Skeleton Coast we stop at Cape Cross, to see all the Cape seals (which are actually sea lions […]

Sep '11

Walvis Bay and Quad Biking

Up and out to Walvis Bay (pronounced Val-fis) for a catamaran cruise on the Silverwind.  We set sail and when I turn my head there’s a sea lion on the deck!   Crazy animals.  Or maybe not so crazy, they’ve figured out it’s much easier to get fish this way. Walvis Bay ships 2.5 MILLION oysters […]

Sep '11

Off to Swakopmund

Long days drive to Swapokmund.  And I do mean long.  The first half of the drive is good, the landscape is varied and we see animals here and there, mainly ostrich, springbok and kudu.  And a bird that barks. Kiuseb Canyon is absolutely gorgeous.  And green.  I cannot get over the landscape in this country.  […]

Sep '11


Up really early and head to Sossuvlei to see the sand dunes. Have to wait a bit for the sun to come out from behind a cloud so we can see the gorgeous colors. We seem to be a very well suited group.  All of us have Canon’s and we’re all snap happy.  We pass […]

Sep '11

Start of Diverse Namibia tour

Finally saw Frodo the cat this morning.  He came to the window while I was showering.  He loved the mouse toy so at least that wasn’t a wasted thing to bring. The drive to Sossuvlei on over gravel roads, I think that’s what most of the roads in Namibia are.  We stop to take some […]

Sep '11

Off to Namibia!

4:30 in the morning is early.  Who picked these crazy flight times?  Oh wait, that was me.  Quick shower, throw everything in the bag and I’m off to the airport. The flight to Windhoek had about 25 people on it.  Arrive and as we’re driving to Windhoek – the airport is over 25 miles out […]

Sep '11

Last day in Cape Town

Today was museum day, which turned out to be good since most of them were free. It’s Heritage Day, whatever that is. Took in the Bo Kaap museum followed by the Castle. The Castle is huge but they haven’t done much with it. You can walk around the walls and look at the city and […]

Sep '11

Robben Island

There were 4 prisons on Robben Island (although he told us this he only went into detail about 3 so I’m not sure if 4 is correct). Maximum Security was for political prisoners. Until the 90’s they were actually categorized as terrorists. Medium Security was for the worst of the worst, the murderers, robbers, rapists. […]

Sep '11

Jenman tour ends

At first I couldn’t remember what I did today.  Then I looked at my photos and though “how the hell did you forget that?”  We hiked up the Gorge to the top of Table Mountain this morning.  Started out and the sky was clear and blue.  Halfway up the clouds started coming in.  We all […]

Sep '11

Cape Town tour [This entry rated PG-13]

Holy cow, what a jam packed day.  I’m going to describe it in pictures. In Simon’s Town we stop in Jubilee Square so we can see the statue of Able Seaman Just Nuisance, a Great Dane. During WWII this dog was the much-loved mascot of British sailors based here. He was actually enrolled in the […]