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Sep '11

Addo Elephant Park

Today is Addo.  That’s Addo as in Addo Elephant Park.

Addo Elephant Park

We're here, we're here! I'm leaning across the seats to get this shot. Get back to mine, look out my window and there's a sign right there. Of course.

Watch out for dung beetles!

Just before you enter the park you see this sign. Unfortunately, we didn't see any actual dung beetles. Wasn't hot enough for them.

Dung beetle in action

And right after you enter the park you see this sign. There should be a dislcaimer underneath that says "Beetles in this image appears larger than they are."

Holy moly, it isn’t called an elephant park for nothing.  Everywhere we look there’s an elephant.  The only thing missing here is giraffes.  They’d be so easy to spot here.  The park looks like it is covered in trees but it’s bushes and, of course, they’re not as tall as trees although they are very dense.  I wasn’t sure whether I’d see any baby animals on this trip, happy to say I needn’t have worried.  We’re seeing them everywhere and in just about every species.

Elephants of all sizes

Absolutely incredible to be within feet of these amazing animals.

Dirty Elephant

Someone needs a bath.


A male kudu, looking majestic and ready for his photo shoot.

September wildflowers

The wildflowers only last for the month of September. They are everywhere. So lucky to be here to see them.


This little guy is a shrike.

More flowers

I'm not sure the animals appreciate the flowers, they definitely don't eat them (intentionally).

I’ve got an entire cottage to myself.  It’s basically a studio apartment.  The accommodations do not suck on this trip.  Other than the place in the Drakensberg and it wasn’t awful, just old, old, old.  Anytime there’s no shower I’m not going to be very thrilled.

My little Addo home

My cottage, basically a large studio apartment.

View at Addo

The view from my cottage. Unfortunately, no elephants wandered past but it's a great view nonetheless.

The sky is absolutely full of stars after dark so I’ve set up the tripod and am attempting to capture star trails.

45 minute night exposure

What my camera captured after leaving the shutter open for 45 minutes.


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    WOW…. GREAT Photos!! (as always)!!! Thanks for posting.. :-)

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