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Oct '10

Tallinn, Estonia

I can’t believe the trip is winding down.  Today we’re heading back to Tallinn for our final night.  And some final shopping.  It was so foggy when I woke up that for a minute I thought I was in San Francisco.  As we drove to the ferry it was still foggy and at times we […]

Oct '10

Saaremaa Island, Estonia, Day 2

I feel a little better this morning but I’m not 100% by any stretch.  To that end, as we were getting on the bus I saw something fall to the ground in front of Carolyn and stopped her saying “wait, something fell off your face.”  Not “your earring fell off” but “something fell off your […]

Sep '10

Saaremaa Island, Estonia

Off to Saaremaa, tell me that doesn’t sound like someone should be talking about The One Ring.  Every time someone said it a Lord of the Rings quote popped into my head, usually something about “an eye, lidless.”  Back to MY story.  We crossed the border back into Estonia and stopped at a grocery store […]

Sep '10

Tartu, Estonia

Hop on the bus for the ride to Tartu.  Can’t believe I missed the Plink Plonk Festival. We only have one day here which, until we saw the town, didn’t seem like enough.  First stop, the KGB Cell Block which felt dank and dismal from the minute we walked in.  The cells themselves weren’t terribly […]

Sep '10

Tallinn, Estonia

Started the day with a City Tour, not exceptional but some of it was interesting.  Found out that the Estonian Parliament is elected by the people, the Parliament elects the President and the President has very little power.  The Parliament actually makes things happen.  Sort of like our government but at least they’re honest about […]

Sep '10

St. Petersburg (Са́нкт Петербу́рг) to Tallin

Traffic is notoriously bad in St. Petersburg so I had a 7:30 am pickup to ensure I would arrive at the bus station in time for my 9:00 bus.  This morning it took all of 10 minutes to get to the bus station.  Amazing what no traffic does for a commute.  Nobody at the Bus […]