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Sep '11

Jenman tour ends

At first I couldn’t remember what I did today.  Then I looked at my photos and though “how the hell did you forget that?”  We hiked up the Gorge to the top of Table Mountain this morning.  Started out and the sky was clear and blue.  Halfway up the clouds started coming in.  We all […]

Sep '11

Cape Town tour [This entry rated PG-13]

Holy cow, what a jam packed day.  I’m going to describe it in pictures. In Simon’s Town we stop in Jubilee Square so we can see the statue of Able Seaman Just Nuisance, a Great Dane. During WWII this dog was the much-loved mascot of British sailors based here. He was actually enrolled in the […]

Sep '11

Cape Town

An early start, we’re driving almost 500km today and will arrive in Cape Town by the time the day is over.  Woohoo!  First stop, Ronnie’s Sex Shop. It’s actually a little coffee shop with a bar where people have left just about everything – bra’s, hats, shirts, you name it it’s hanging from the ceiling.  […]

Sep '11

Headed for Kleinplaas

On the road again…  We leave Storms River and shortly thereafter turn off the main road.  I’m wondering where in the world we’re going when I see signs for bungy jumping.  From the highest bridge in the world.   Well the highest bridge that you can bungy off of, probably not the highest  bridge in the […]

Sep '11

Tsitsikamma Waterfall

Did an “easy” (at least that’s what we were told) hike to a waterfall.   If you consider rock scrambling and thinking you’re going to fall to your death easy then this is the walk for you.  Not sure if I’m glad I did it but I’d have been pissed if I hadn’t because, you know, […]

Sep '11

Storms River Camp at Tsitsikamma

Short drive (four hours) from Addo to Tsitsikamma.  As we got closer to Port Elizabeth the scenery changed completely.  It’s now green, gorgeous and lush.  There’s a reason it’s called the Garden Route. After a run to the store I did laundry (first time and I’m almost three weeks into the trip) and watched the […]

Sep '11


Up and out at 6am.  We came upon a large group of jackals.  One was digging into a leopard tortoise and he was not sharing .  Watching them was really interesting.  Strangely enough not an elephant in sight. We come upon a car that’s sitting in the road, which generally means there’s something good nearby.  […]

Sep '11

Addo Elephant Park

Today is Addo.  That’s Addo as in Addo Elephant Park. Holy moly, it isn’t called an elephant park for nothing.  Everywhere we look there’s an elephant.  The only thing missing here is giraffes.  They’d be so easy to spot here.  The park looks like it is covered in trees but it’s bushes and, of course, […]

Sep '11


Off to Cradock, in the Great Karoo, today.  First we went by the Quart House.  Yes, you read that right. And obviously, we went via San Francisco. We had lunch in the strangest place, Die Blik Plek.  It reminded me of things I used to see in my Granny’s house.  Had my Granny had a […]

Sep '11


Another long ass drive, to Malealea, Lesotho.  Did you know that Lesotho has the highest lowest point in the world at 1,400 meters (4,593 feet)?  It is the only country in the world that lies entirely above 1,000 meters (3,281 feet).  [Although since the lowest point is 1,400 meters I think it’s safe to say […]