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Sep '11


Off to Cradock, in the Great Karoo, today.  First we went by the Quart House.  Yes, you read that right.

The Quart House

How in the world did this happen?

And obviously, we went via San Francisco.

Golden Gate Park

Oh wait, you mean it's not THAT Golden Gate Park?

We had lunch in the strangest place, Die Blik Plek.  It reminded me of things I used to see in my Granny’s house.  Had my Granny had a huge house and been a hoarder that is.  I recommend the restaurant, I had a wonderful salad.  And the place is amazing.

Die Blik Plek

Where old enamelware goes to die, and be reborn.

Arriving in Cradock we discovered that instead of staying in a hotel we’re on a street of restored houses. It’s fabulous!  Lis and I are sharing a two bedroom, two bath house.  I didn’t even want to go out and walk around town, I just want to hang out here and enjoy feeling like I’m “at home” instead of just in a room.

My bedroom in our little house

My lovely bedroom in my lovely little house.

40 Something

Think they put this up special for me?

The Karoo Shop

There’s a photo exhibition in the hotel next door.  I spotted this and wanted to share it with you.

Burning Man, Africa Style

At least they give credit where credit is due.

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