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Oct '11

Diverse Namibia comes to an end

Our last day together, I’m really bummed.  It’s been a spectacular trip.  We’re on the road by 5:00 am and are back in Windhoek by 10:00.  A bit before 11:00 we’re at N/a’an Ku Se which is a conservation reserve.  Before we even enter we see warthogs.  Who knew I’d find them so adorable.  Not that I want one, but still.

We didn’t see leopards and cheetahs in the wild so we’re seeing them here.  First stop, the cheetahs.  They’re great.  They’re actually purring, meowing and chirping. Not housecat meowing, cheetah meowing but it’s very similar.  They’ve got a huge area but were hand raised and don’t know how to survive in the wild.  They won’t hunt so they have to be taken care of.  Once a kudu jumped into their fenced in area and while they chased him and played with him they never tried to eat him.


That is one gorgeous animal.


Told you they were like house cats. Except they could eat you.

Next up were the Caracals.  They have four, three females and one male.  The females are friendly but the male won’t let a human touch him, although he will  allow you to be in his general area.  One of the females came right up to us and the male stuck close to her (they think she might be going into heat), the other two females never made an appearance.


We’re obviously keeping her awake.

The Caracals were followed by baboons.  They’re let out of their enclosure to roam around (they have two groups) the reserve but they always come back “home.”  I’d forgotten we were going to see wild dogs while we were here.  They are so funny looking, when they’re looking right at you they look like they’re all wearing mickey mouse ears.  And the noises they make are really funny.  Just remember though, they eat their prey when it’s still alive.  They’re not nearly as cute and sweet as they look.  There are 13 in total here and they’re hoping to eventually start breeding them.  Wild dogs are almost extinct so it’s good that there are places like this trying to increase their population and release them back into the wild.

Wild Dogs

They are obviously members of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Wild Dogs

You don’t want to be between them and their food. Or be their food.

Now for the big boy and girls, the lions.  Wow, seeing them from the truck doesn’t prepare you for seeing them when you’re at the same level.  They are HUGE and the male is really, really crabby.  He’s growling and lunging toward the fence.  Scared the crap out of all of us.  The two females don’t really care about us but he certainly does.  Once they have their food they all settle down but the male is always on edge.  These three are “problem” lions which in this case means they were hunting the livestock of farmers.  The choice was to shoot them or put them here and “confine” (in a massive area) them for life.  I’d much rather they be here.  And I’m very, very glad there’s a big electrified fence between us.


Looking like he doesn’t want to kill you. It’s an act, he does.


Again, just like a house cat.


The girls let the boy scare us, they just hung back and looked pretty.

And last, but not least, are the leopards.  They’re pissed off too.  They were hand raised but somewhere along the way they went completely in the opposite direction and are now so, I don’t know that vicious is the right word but they’re past feral.  Anyway, they can’t be released into the wild.  They were so worked up they were both drooling.  And the noises they were making made it pretty obvious they’d be just as happy to eat us as they would a large piece of beef.


I think he has anger issues.

And with that, my time in Namibia comes to an end.

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1 Comment » to “Diverse Namibia comes to an end”

  1. Jane Says:

    Holy Toledo! I found myself literally backing up from my computer monitor while watching the lion clip! Shelly, this are all GREAT photos! Thanks so much for posting all of them. :-)

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