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Sep '11

Off to Swakopmund

Long days drive to Swapokmund.  And I do mean long.  The first half of the drive is good, the landscape is varied and we see animals here and there, mainly ostrich, springbok and kudu.  And a bird that barks.

Kiuseb Canyon is absolutely gorgeous.  And green.  I cannot get over the landscape in this country.  It changes so quickly and is never what I expect.  There is long dry grass everywhere.  Regan says usually it’s completely barren.  It actually looks like a blanket of grass, as if you could roll around in it.  Then you look at it up close and see it’s tufts of grass with rocks everywhere.  No rolling around in that, at least not for me.

Rock grass

From a distance it looks soft and squishy. Not so up close!

Tropic of Capricorn

I'm here, I'm here! Where exactly is here?

Kiuseb Canyon

Kiuseb Canyon

Quiver tree

Quiver Tree

Roads new Swakopmund

Free dermabrasion.

We arrive in Swapokmund and all I have to say is a day here would have been more than enough. We’re staying at the Hansa, which is a 4-star hotel. If this is 4-star I’m sticking to Motel 6.

Hansa Hotel Room

Is this your idea of 4-star?

Swakopmund Kitties

Colony of feral kitties in Swakopmund.

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