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Oct '11

St. James to Simon’s Town

I did next to nothing all day yesterday so today I figured I’d at least get some exercise in. I wanted to get photos of the changing huts down on the beach before all the people showed up so I was out early.  My plan worked, there was nobody there. 

Changing Huts

Changing Rooms/Huts on the beach in St. James.

From there I walked all the way to Simon’s Town which was actually insane.  The walk to Fish Hoek was good and the beach in Fish Hoek is absolutely stunning. 

Fish Hoek

The beach and view at Fish Hoek.

The walk from Fish Hoek to Simon’s Town was awful.  Very windy with sand being driven into me at every step.  When I finally arrived in Simon’s Town (2.5 hours after starting off) and went into the bathroom to wash my face I quite literally had a sand crust. My face feels like it should be bleeding, fortunately it’s not.  I checked later to find out how far I walked. It was over 12km so well over 6 miles. So glad I’ve already visited the penguins. I didn’t have it in me to continue walking to Boulders to see them again.

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