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Sep '11

Walvis Bay and Quad Biking


Namibia's national sign. Or it should be.

Up and out to Walvis Bay (pronounced Val-fis) for a catamaran cruise on the Silverwind.  We set sail and when I turn my head there’s a sea lion on the deck!   Crazy animals.  Or maybe not so crazy, they’ve figured out it’s much easier to get fish this way.

Sea Lion

An unexpected visitor.

Sea Lion

Yes, I am feeding a sea lion. It's not just limited to cats anymore. And note the jacket. Remember - cold country, hot sun. Swakopmund has 60 days of sun a year. This wasn't one of them.

Walvis Bay ships 2.5 MILLION oysters a month, to Hong Kong.  Fun oyster factoids:  they take over a year to grow to full size.  They start out teeny tiny and are kept on land until they’re big enough to go into the baskets.  There are blue barrels everywhere.  They have ropes strung between them and the baskets hang down in the water.  Once a month EVERY oyster shell has to be cleaned so crews are continually pulling up baskets and taking them to the cleaning stations where workers clean the algae off the shell. What a tedious job.  But it’s a job, and a dependable one at that.

Oyster fields

Quiet, oysters growing.

Oyster cleaning

How'd you like to work here, scrubbing algae off oyster shells?

The excitement on this journey isn’t limited to only sea lions and oysters. We spot pelicans, whales and dolphins as well. Now THAT was cool.

Breaching whales

What you see before you see the tail.

Whale Tail

Whales! There are whales in these here waters!

Another whale tail

That's a whale of a tail.


And he scores!

I’d never seen a pelican land on water. They’re avian waterskiers.


We had lots of company on the return to shore.

Charles and I went 4-wheeling that afternoon.  I had a smile on my face the entire time.  At first I felt really unstable but as time went on I got more and more confident that the thing wasn’t going to flip over.  I did continue to freak out a bit whenever we’d come off a big hill and have to make a sharp turn after that.  Too bad I don’t know how to drive a motorcycle (although I do have a motorcycle license – silly SF – to drive a scooter you have to have a motorcycle license but you can take the test on a scooter to you don’t actually have to known how to drive a motorcycle).  If I had I’d have been able to take out a higher powered quad and gone faster.  Charles doesn’t know how to ride one either though so it worked out just fine.


Me, coming down a huge hill. It was really steep, although you can't really tell from this photo.


The maniacs on four wheels.

I tried to make a sand angel but it didn’t turn out very well. That didn’t stop me from jumping for joy.

Sand Angel

Making a sand angel.

Sad Angel

Which turned out more like a sad angel.

Sand Jumping

Aay Yiii!

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